Have an Idea? Build 10x Faster
Our Low-Code Platform Lets You Make Any Software With Little Effort.

Builtin Features

We believe we have created a practical low-code platform for developers. With large builtin features you can develop any application faster.

Automatic CRUD

We generate CRUD and APIs automatically from the schema configuration without you writing a single line

Autowired MVC

Start directly with UI and Business logic and we will autowire all routes, models and controllers for you.

Powerful Workflow Engine

Drag and drop interface to design your workflows and background tasks. Event handlers and Queues

Building Modern Software is Complex We make it Simpler

Boilerplate, is everywhere. Developers today spent 50-90% of their time managing consequential complexity of modern SDLC.

  • Backend as a Service. Designer UI
  • Focus only on you Idea/Business needs
  • Use any Frontend stack, plug and play

Powerful features for powerful applications

Our platform is designed for practical needs that real world application require. Packed in are features that make development fun.

  • Configure everything from Designer UI
  • Builtin Defaults for Everything
  • Customize/Extend anything if you want.

Start directly with your business logic and UI.

Never again re-do login, roles, ACLs, CRUD, routes, APIs, modular design, multi-tenancy, logging, files handling, events, queues and more...

  • Export your configuration and re-use again!
  • Fully own what you build.
  • Full local development support using docker/git


We believe we have created the most efficient low-code platform, fully loaded with features and battle tested in large real world deployments, try locally before you buy.


$0 / month
$0 / yearly
  • 10 User Account
  • All Features
  • Unlimited Local Use
  • Develop full application
  • Use in production
  • Business support
  • Developer support


$4999 / month
$49999 / yearly
  • Unlimited User Account
  • All Features
  • Unlimited Single Domain Use
  • Develop full application
  • Use in production
  • Business support
  • Developer support

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